Best Yogurt Maker Reviews: Best Sellers in Yogurt Makers

Best Yogurt Maker Review – Top 5 Tastiest List with Buying Guide

A great yogurt machine can be one of the best and smartest appliances that every kitchen needs. Because creating your healthy snack at home is fun and more rewarding than just purchasing one at the supermarket. This is because you will have complete control over the flavors and ingredients that you want to take. But that can only work when you find the Best Sellers in Yogurt Makers.

Generally, homemade yogurt spiced with fresh ingredients is much better for a healthy lifestyle. It usually is creamier — with less sugar and more protein. Besides, it has no GMOs, artificial flavors, unusual colors, or unhealthy sweeteners.

This yogurt is healthy right out of the machine. And it’s a better choice for probiotics, digestion, skin, weight control, hair, nails – and overall health.

Understanding Yogurt Makers

The popularity of yogurt has soared over the past few decades. It’s spurred by an increased understanding of

Best Yogurt Maker Reviews: Best Sellers in Yogurt Makers . The colorful illustration of whats next in the horizon.

yogurt’s health benefits and the growing demand for healthy, naturally-prepared, and safe-to-use yogurt.

And when such foods become this popular, there is one thing that’s virtually difficult to explore, especially when you are a beginner: an avalanche of machines that allow you to prepare those foods at home.

It’s more than pasta makers or an ice cream machine that has become a must-have kitchen appliance. The efficiency and effectiveness of a yogurt maker have become the best choice for everyone who wants to keep their digestion and metabolism healthy and active.

How Do You Find the Best Yogurt Maker? — Buyer’s Guide

Size Matters

The significant difference between yogurt makers is their sizes. Most of these devices are designed to make a single batch of yogurt at a time. These machines have average capacities of 1-2 quarts. Therefore, size is an essential consideration when comparing models.

This is because fresh yogurt doesn’t have preservatives with the shelf life of store-bought yogurt. So, if you won’t be eating too much yogurt (or even who you don’t have a large family), then there is no need for an enormous yogurt maker. Because that will make excess yogurt for you to eat before it spoils. On the contrary, the fact that it takes a while to make yogurt means that a small machine isn’t fit for a large family.

Flexibility in Design

Some yogurt makers are designed for flexibility. These machines allow you to put small batches of ingredients into separate jars, which can go under a dome for fermentation and heating. In this way, you can prepare a smaller serving of different flavors at a time — making the most out of the complex yogurt-making process.

Cuisinart CYM 100 Electronic Yogurt Maker, You-Tube Video

Fully Automated or Not!

Some yogurt machines are “set it and forget it.” They don’t need you to participate in the process once you start them. Instead, they prepare the product and turn off once the process is complete. Typically, most useful controls need experts to set the temperature, length of time, or power at which they may want their yogurt to be made.


Finally, some yogurt makers are designed to make Greek yogurt, which allows you to make traditional or Greek varieties easily. However, there are even those machines that can serve as pressure cookers or slow cookers. Usually, the latter can be a perfect choice for users with limited counter space.

What Are Additional Features to Consider in a Yogurt Machine?

There are three essential features you need to consider in the best yogurt makers. These are self-cooling, timer, and auto-shutoff functions. Normally, machines that allow self-cooling can help the yogurt to stay for some time without spoiling. Not until you can put it into the refrigerator. On the contrary, the timers allow you to set a starting time for your yogurt and keep track of when your food is ready for refrigeration. Aside from that, the benefits of auto-shutoff are quite common.

Also, there are other convenient factors to look for in a powerful yogurt maker. These are whether the device’s yogurt-making container can be placed right in the fridge. Besides, you need to know how easy it is to clean your machine. Some appliances can make clean-up a chore. That means you need to find the Best Yogurt Maker Reviews from Best Sellers in Yogurt Makers. And here is all you need to know!

Top 5 Best Yogurt Makers in Reviews

Best Yogurt Maker Reviews. Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker
The Cuisinart CYM-100 Is Well Rated And Affordable Within Our Best Yogurt Maker Reviews!!

1. Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker

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Best Place To Buy:

My Ratings: 4.3 of 5 Stars

Warranty: See Manufacturer Plans

With Automatic Cooling and a Jar capacity of 1.5L, Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker has been trending at number one for a long time. This is the best machine when you love a self-cooling yogurt maker.

Honestly, self-cooling features are just a tip of what makes the CYM-100 #1 in the healthiest cookware ranking. Also, it lets you set the fermenting time specified in your recipe (or set a longer than usual time for fermenting your yogurt), and it’s simple to operate.

This Cuisinart yogurt machine is pretty big. Besides, it’s wonderful and works exceptionally well. Probably, you can make 1½ quarts of yogurt. That’s more than six servings in one batch.

Once you add the ingredients and touch the start button, the machine will do the rest of the task. Indeed, making the best yogurt, and keeping it cool until you shut the machine down manually can consume a lot of time.

However, the LED countdown clock allows you to keep track of the time the cycle has left to go. Aside from that, the machine is easy to clean.


  • Sleek and easy-to-use
  • Convenient
  • Makes delicious yogurt
  • 1½ quarts
  • Time control and display, automatic cool-down


  • You can’t control the internal temperature,
  • It doesn’t make Greek yogurt by itself.

2. Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

Best yogurt maker reviews. Dash Greek Yogurt Maker
The Dash Greek Yogurt Maker In Well Rated And Very Affordable Within Our Healthiest Cookware Reviews!!

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Best Place To Buy:

My Ratings: 4.2 of 5 Stars

Warranty: See Manufacturer Plans

This is a state-of-the-art Yogurt Maker Machine with LCD Display and 2 BPA Storage Containers with Lids. It is an excellent choice for Sweetened, Organic, Flavored, Plain, or Sugar-free Options for Baby, Kids, Parfaits, White.

Also, you can make “regular” yogurt with this model of the yogurt machine. However, its design is specifically intended to enhance the production of the best Greek yogurt. And that is what it does.

This unit takes up less counter space. Unlike some know bulky devices, the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker is sizeable to fit perfectly on the counter for the yogurt-making process and storage. Besides, this machine is relatively inexpensive compared to the Cuisinart.

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Although it’s constructed with plastic and it doesn’t have a refrigeration unit, this machine can keep the yogurt cold after the process. This could either be drawbacks or positives thoughts. However, it depends on what you’re looking for.

This unit has an adjustable timer with an LCD. Also, the machine comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet with recipes.


  • It is inexpensive,
  • Very well-designed,
  • Best machine for homemade Greek yogurt.
  • 1½+ quarts in each of two containers,
  • Time control and display
  • BPA free


  • Deep grooves can be difficult to clean
  • Does not have a cooking thermometer
  • Sometimes, the lid may not seal properly

3. Yogourmet 104 Electric Yogurt Maker

Best yogurt maker reviews. Yogourmet 104 Electric Yogurt Maker
The YoGourmet 104 Electric Unit Is Well Rated And Affordable Within Our Best Yogurt Maker Reviews!!

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Best Place To Buy:

My Ratings: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Warranty: See Manafucturer

This yogurt maker falls right at the center of the price range when it comes to quality yogurt makers. It has a unique approach to maintaining the right temperature during the fermentation process.

The unit does not depend on the internal heating elements or a thermostat. Instead, it uses a “water bath” system that provides a uniform temperature all around the container. Also, the machine works quite well. For example, if you prefer yogurt dispensed into a glass rather than the plastic container, then the unit will accommodate a glass jar in the container.

The yogurt maker offers additional advantages when using the technological approach. For instance, you can produce as much as 2 quarts of the yogurt in as few as four hours. This is about half the time needed by most competitors.

Besides, there are no onboard timers. Instead, the unit can allow you to run the machine through several cycles. Therefore, if you are looking for a stronger and tangier flavor, then that’s what this unit will offer.

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Also, Yogourmet sells its own freeze-dried yogurt starter product. Here, you may find it more convenient or tasty compared to store-bought yogurt. Aside from that, it has a cotton bag included with the yogurt maker as well. Therefore, you can enjoy using this model even more if you want to try making cheese.


  • A large capacity,
  • Offers a good temperature control
  • Has a fast preparation time
  • Even better, this yogurt maker is worth a long look
  • A capacity of 2 quarts
  • Has Innovative water bath for temperature control
  • Also, it includes a cheese bag
  • BPA free


  • The timer may not work correctly at times.
  • Constructed from cheap quality plastic, hence looks flimsy

4. Euro Cuisine YMX650 Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker

Best yogurt maker reviews. Euro Cuisine YMX650 Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker
The Euro Cuisine YMX650 Automatic Digital Unit Is Well Rated And Amazing Within Our Healthiest Cookware Reviews!!

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Best Place To Buy:

My Ratings: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Warranty: See Manufacturer Plans

This is an Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker Machine with a well-set Temperature. The machine includes 7-6 oz. Reusable Glass Jars as well as 7 Rotary Date Setting Lids for Instant Storage

Some models allow you to create several smaller servings of yogurt simultaneously. However, making different flavors, styles, or recipes at the same time can be an excellent step. The machine can hold up to seven (included) six-ounce glass jars under a single plastic dome.

Also, there is a 15-hour timer with an LED display on this unit. Euro Cuisine YMX650 Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker is an all-in-one machine with an automatic shut-off function. This beeps to alert you when the yogurt is ready for the fridge.

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This model is reasonably-priced. Therefore, if you prefer a yogurt maker that is about half the price but accommodates 5+ different containers at once, the Euro Cuisine YM80 is worth your consideration. This machine doesn’t need a timer or any other extra functions.


  • It is an excellent machine for making different types of yogurt.
  • A capacity of 7 six-ounce jars
  • Makes 7 different small servings at once. Each of different flavors/styles
  • BPA free


  • The containers can be challenging to wash.
  • The lids can sometimes leak

5. Instant Pot DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable yogurt machine

Best yogurt maker reviews!! Instant Pot DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable yogurt machine
The Instant Pot DUO60 7 inch Multi Programmable Unit Is Well Rated And Diversified Within Our Best Rated Yogurt Maker Reviews!!

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Best Place To Buy:

My Ratings: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Warranty: See Manufacturer Plans

Instant Pot Duo is a 7-in-1 multi-use device that is designed with a high level of versatility. It is a Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, an Electric Pressure Cooker, Sterilizer, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, as well as a Warmer. Besides, this is a machine that provides 6 Quart, 14 One-Touch Programs

Certainly, some yogurt makers can do more than just yogurt. Therefore, when you are ready for the Instant Pot’s resume, then you are going to enjoy the experience of a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pot, slow cooker, yogurt maker, and warmer. Also, there’s a huge touchpad for programming all of these functions.

When you want to make yogurt for yourself or family and friends, you begin by heating the milk inside the pot. Then, add the starter and set the fermenting time — just like you would do with any other unit.

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However, for anyone limited by space in their kitchen, it is a great way to create homemade yogurt without buying a dedicated machine. The Instant Pot isn’t as versatile as any other yogurt makers when making yogurt. However, it’s the most versatile kitchen appliance that can make the best yogurt and perform many other functions.


  • A capacity of 6 quarts
  • Stainless steel and plastic materials
  • Performs the functions of many appliances including pressure cooking, fully programmable with advanced controls
  • BPA free


  • It doesn’t have a thermostat. Therefore, heating beyond 120°C can kill all the probiotics

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Yogurt?

As long as it is safe, naturally-prepared, and without GMOs, yogurt can be healthy food that should be part of a lifestyle. This product has been there for centuries, but its evolution has been steered by its great benefits.

Certainly, yogurt is the best dietary component that enhances your digestive health. This product is suitable for the well-being of your gut.

Also, yogurt is the best way to get good bacteria. This product has two major digestion-enhancing bacteria. These are good types of bacteria that keep the gut healthy and functional.

Once the gut is in good shape, digestion becomes a breeze. And this enhances proper bodybuilding. Yes, yogurt helps you to develop the correct muscle development and healthy weight loss.


The benefits of taking yogurt are unending. Aside from providing probiotics, yogurt enhances healthy skin development. Also, it helps with digestion, healthy weight management, and hair development. Even better, yogurt ensures strong and healthy nails, hair development as well as general health. That’s why making yogurt at home should be a regular part of a lifestyle. But that can’t happen without the best machine? And, it all begins with the Best Yogurt Maker Reviews of the Best Sellers in Yogurt Makers!

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